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It’s honestly pretty amazing that it’s taken me this long to get my own site up and running. I honestly will admit that my priorities haven’t always been in the right place. But that’s all getting better!

My name is Anthony and I am a certified weirdo. By day I stumble my way through some commercial-grade spaghetti mess code as a “software engineer” while yelling about inappropriate things and Sriracha. At night I come home to what could best be described as a Polish mail order bride slash little girl slash girlfriend who cooks me dinner and gives me moral support.

In middle school I was told I was a great writer and so I wanted to pursue writing as a career. A while later I decided there wasn’t any money in that, so I went to school for game design and development. What? Do what you love, right?

That hasn’t quite panned out, obviously. Video games have always been a big interest of mine, but I don’t want them to be the primary emphasis here. This site is meant to be a collection of life experiences based around surviving the madness of the modern world, personal finance, philosophy, logic, failure, and – if possible – success.

Sure, there’ll be some toilet humor. And yes, I’ll spend a good chunk of time streaming games without treading any new¬†ground. I already know I’ll talk smart personal finance in one post then explain how to operate a PC and console gaming streaming battleship with a net investment of a few grand. I am not perfect! But I am moderately entertaining.

I’ll start filling this up with content soon, then I’ll get aboard the social media bandwagon. ¬†Let’s see where I can go with all this.

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