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Creative Writing Exercises

Lightning Round!

Write a eulogy for a sandwich, to be delivered while eating it. We did not know him long, but we knew him for what he was – A delicious thick-cut slice of turkey wedged between fresh lettuce, tomato, and onions on rye toast. Truly, the good die young and with a side of fries. Write the ad […]

Scary Monster

There all kinds of monsters that can lurk in a kid’s room. There are stellas, which come out at night and blink a curious butt-light sixty times a second and are only dangerous if your kid has epilepsy. They’re more prevalent in rooms with shielded overhead lights, since they can hang out there during the day. […]

Phone Tag

*CRASH* Parker jumped with a start and stared towards the kitchen, clutching the sofa pillow to his chest. Pots and pans flew out of the bottom drawer and against the wall, clattering to the floor each time. Before his heart could explode from fear he saw his roommate, clad in a ninja suit, rise from […]

In Which I Pretend To Be Someone Writing About Me

Tony’s sitting at his desk typing away at a computer, his main screen with work and his right screen with e-mails ignored in favor of the smaller one on the left. He thinks he’s awfully smart, doing his own thing on a monitor no manager can see unless they come down the row behind him. […]